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In high-level terms, a Travel Plan sets out the overall outcomes, targets and indicators for an entire Development.   The Travel Plan should include:

·         An overview of process and delivery – this outlines the role of the travel plans and sets out key requirements and the roles of the key stakeholders.

·         The policy framework [strategic and local] – this sets out the  policy framework for securing travel plans with reference to policies developed  at national, regional and local level and what should be developed.

·         Targets and indicators, as well as summarising the different approaches to the pre and post construction [operation] travel planning used for the different stages of development.

·         Implementation and management – setting out ways of ensuring the responsibilities for implementing and managing the travel plan are handled effectively after the grant of planning permission, to ensure sustainability.

·         Monitoring, default mechanisms and enforcement – describing the important role of monitoring travel plans and the process to ensure that corrective action can be taken when required and that there are effective ways of enforcing the agreed outcomes if needed.

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