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Superlative service and Team is what you will find at iPRT. We have used consultants for over 20 years, but i-transport planning has proven to us that they are the best in their field. We must give them all the credit for recently completing our most challenging development in Wigan. itransport planning innovations, planning and hard work contributed to a very successful planning application. The Board of Directors had a wonderful experience working with iPRT Group including the professionalism of the staff and the excellent of the deliverables. Once again, thank you for your flexibility and attention to certainly made our job easier...

iPRT Group

Global PresenceAt iPRT, we are acknowledged as one of the world’s leading transport planning (i-transport), project & regeneration consultancies, sitting at the very heart of a unique portfolio of clients, taking the lead in realising their vision, ambition and expectations.

iTransport Planning unique, proactive approach is totally focused on adding real value and enhancing long term returns on investment, through exceptional levels of service and expertise. From initial concept right through to completion and subsequent operation, you can rely on iPRT Group for value enhancing solutions drawing on industry leading thinking, systems and standards.

Intelligence at Heart

Whole Project Lifecycle SupportiPRT's purpose is to make complex Transport Planning (i-transport), Development & Regeneration projects simple, bringing cohesion and consistency and provide you with a single point of contact to ensure effective delivery.

Your interest and vision become ours. You'll find us highly professional, yet refreshingly informal. We'll challenge your thinking-to ensure together we exceed your expectations, not your budget in delivering the correct, most costs-effective solution to match your objectives.

Continuous ImprovementWe have an indepth understanding of the key issues with the commitment and leadership to make it happen and... to doing it differently.

Leading the Way

At iPRT, we believe that we are market leaders in Transport Planning, having pioneered the Early Project Assessment and RAPID approach, partnering with you and harmoniously focusing on your best practical outcome, reducing your costs and giving you control.

We will .........
                           Review          the purpose
                           Analyse         the best pragmatic outcome 
                           Plan              the strategy 
                           Implement     the plan &
                           Deliver          the vision.

Whole Lifecycle Project SupportThis unique approach gives you control where you can drive events rather than be driven. We work with you to agree the approach which achieves the optimum balance between vision, purpose and cost. By thinking ahead and developing a proactive strategy, we can help you plan the best way to deliver the right result – a win-win situation; the outcome you’re envisioning at the price you’re expecting

 The iPRT Way

 1.      On daring to be different
We simply think– why must we do things in a traditional way? Read on…
2.       Commercial approach
We have the courage to experiment and to take calculated risks that would commercially benefit our clients.  Only he who sleeps avoids risks – but he who sleeps also doesn’t get much done.
3.       Financially competitive
Only those with low costs and overheads can have low fees.  And if you attract clients with low fees for the most technically astute solutions and client focus, then you also attract the clients with repeat business.  The more the clients, the lower the fees and the larger the repeat business.
4.       Our Experience
Experience is used by many people as an excuse for not trying new ways.  Where you must rely on experience, it is best to rely on your own.  Instead of thinking and debating, this is a fine road to success: reality seldom lies, but people’s statements can often contain uncertainties.

5.       On competition
Success arouses not only admiration but envy.  And fear.  New methods threaten those who stick to the old ways.  But to win does not always imply that somebody else has to lose.  The most splendid victories are those where there are no losers.

6.       Providing comprehensive Transport Planning expertise
It is not Transport Assessments or Travel Plans that we earn fees on – it is the client satisfaction and repeat business that lowers our overheads so it attracts more business and hence, more fees

7.       Being international
Don’t you have to make careful studies, employ market research companies, localisation experts?  No – Amer Waheed, our MD, travelled to every national and international location himself, to find out if there was a market for his company.  He visited prospective clients and governments and talked to them personally.

8.       On time
Time is your most important asset.  You can do a lot in ten minutes and ten minutes gone are irretrievably lost.  Ten minutes are not the hourly wage divided by six – ten minutes are part of your life.  Split your life into ten-minute units and sacrifice as few as possible to futilities.

9.       On iPRT’s future
Happiness is being on the way to achieving one’s goals.  iPRT will never be completely finished.  Life will constantly feed iPRT with challenges.  Challenges that create new ideas and new solutions.  Solutions that will change iPRT for the better.
10.    On finding new clients
iPRT never actually competed with anyone else, but it created a new market among clients who had never been able to find a unique, dedicated, specialist consultant.  Nobody had ever taken any interest in being specialist before – everyone was busy being the biggest and most multidisciplinary consultant around.  Our clients were the first to see what iPRT meant.  The moral of this is to care for clients, their needs, vision and expectations personally – and not treat them as simply another ‘job number’