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It was a pleasure working with iPRT. They have an excellent team, and appreciation of needs, vision and design. What was most refreshing was i-transport's ability to collaborate, rather than try to control or overpower the client. We felt that we were thus able to work as partners. Masterplanning a large site at first felt overwhelming. With iPRT Group, it became fun and a creative challenge. We recommend them wholeheartedly

A Holistic Vision

Education SectorFor us, regeneration is all about inspiration based on knowledge – a unique insight into what matters to local people, how to attract funding, how to maximise urban assets and get design and quality right. We work with our clients to help them identify opportunities to develop sustainable, realistic, pragmatic and implementable schemes, steering them through the maze of programmes, policies, regulations, and funding sources and promoting good practice

Our practical, client focused expertise integrates transport planning with land use and urban design to put people first without side-stepping the importance of transport, and by combining sound infrastructure, remediation and engineering expertise with innovative conceptual and Monte Carlo option modelling


Whole Life Value

 Education SectorAt iPRT, we are playing a central role in changing the way our industry thinks about, and implements, whole life cost strategies and in developing the tools needed to apply them in practice.

Whole life cost is a powerful method of evaluating investment options, based on considering all the relevant costs of ownership over a defined time span – not just capital costs but also site adaptation and refurbishment, design fees and on costs. It includes cost in use (maintenance, cleaning, security, energy and insurances, rent/rates and other specific business occupancy facilities management services), as well as taking into account associated finance and income, taxation and residual value/disposal costs.

A key part of the whole life cost assessment also addresses environmental and sustainability aspects.

True and Practical Regeneration ExpertiseWe take established whole life cost concepts further still, to embrace ‘whole live value’. This involves making decisions based on broader criteria whilst also taking account of the needs of a wider range of stakeholders instead of just those typically involved in the immediate decision making process.

 These assessments represent the optimum method for determining true ‘best value’ solutions.  Let us help you see the "wood from the tree"

All Great Projects Start with an Idea ....

“We have been impressed by iPRT's commitment to delivering a timely and cost effective service that has understood all our business and project requirements, together with their ability to provide senior personnel to co-ordinate their work and their ability to resolve the various challenges that have arisen”






Ola Al-Halabi

Project Architect, Jordan




Unique Skills

Development Consultancy

Brownfield Development

Viability Studies

Strategic Project Development

Monte Carlo Opetion Modelling

Residential, Commercial & Mixed Use Expertise