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Crowd Modelling & Dynamics

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iTransport Planning Crown Dynamics studies uses state of the art simulation modelling software for all kinds of pedestrian infrastructure or the environment in which the performance, safety, and security can be analysed and optimized.


The goal is to steer crowds realistically and recreate human dynamic behaviours using a multiple of modelling platforms such as 3D Crowd Visualisers, Spatial Analysis Tools, Network and Agent Analysis Tools, Dwell Modelling and Crowd Risk Analysis.

Crowd Artificial Intelligence

Also known as swarm intelligence, our analysis can contribute to the modelling of group behaviour. Social instinct behaviour and population-based methods are applied to complex systems that model multiple agents and their interactions with surroundings.



Our unique realistic crowd simulation goal is to replicate movement patterns given a large number of agents in a given space. The software uses complex algorithms to manipulate the trajectory of individual agents based on variables such as the goals, stress forces and obstacles.

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