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Site Masterplanning

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The foundations of great unique development and a successful planning application is the right masterplan. It is essential to deliver an environment which is attractive to live and work in for decades to come.


A site’s infrastructure forms a fundamental part of the masterplan. Transport and infrastructure are high profile issues that form a fundamental part of the masterplan.


Our traffic, transportation, infrastructure and highway designers consider how developments interact with the local and wider areas and the benefits it can deliver as a whole.

and outcomes from the development by considering transport and infrastructure requirements from the outset.

Sustainable travel

Masterplans have to provide sustainable transport solutions; This means people have good access to sustainable modes of travel (cycle, public transport, safe footways, car-sharing opportunities and so on) as well as good access to schools, food and non-food stores, leisure and other local amenities and where possible, provide these on-site or make them easily accessible.


There is no one size fits all solution however, the key buzzword for any development is ‘sustainability’.   Solutions have to be site-specific as different parts of the country have very different travel patterns;  what is suitable for London, where regular bus travel and cycling to work is the norm, may not be as easy to deliver in a market town or a rural village. A truly sustainable masterplan means people don’t have to travel far at all.

Infrastructure Masterplan

iTransport Planning experts assist developers plan how to layout and service a site to ensure the best returns

A force for change

Transport masterplanning can change communities. It is an opportunity to ensure that the best transport infrastructure is delivered.


A large site can provide the opportunity to overcome existing problems and bring new investment... just think of the masterplanning work for the redevelopment of the Battersea Power Station area in London which recommended the proposed extension of the Northern Line tube.


Constantly evolving

Our environment is becoming increasingly complex and the challenges will continue to change over time.; Issues such as changes to household makeup, commuting distances, homeworking,
technology / internet use and land shortage all require innovative transport solutions. Transport solutions need to consider tomorrow’s travel behaviour and technology as well as today’s.

Imagination at Work, nothing is impossible

Our UK’s leading Transport Planning experts are on standby to assist you.

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