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Transport & Project Feasibility Studies

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Predictability & Measurability

Every Transport Assessment we do will be fully scoped and planned, putting real effort into communication, understanding your key drivers, vision, expectations, deliverables and commercial issues.


We will agree the approach and deliverables with you in advance and we will keep you informed of our progress.  In the unlikely event that events take an unexpected turn, we will immediately inform you and devise a strategy so that you retain total control of the process and programme.


Access Feasibility Studies

We will work with you very early on in the design process to establish the potential points of access to a development site and ensure any solution proposed is site-specific, safe, deliverable and future proof yet cost effective.

Collisions Investigation Studies

Our expert team with proven training and expertise will identify “common factors” and recommend Safety Improvement Measures, such as physical infrastructure improvements or Traffic Regulation Orders or a mix of both, to reduce the potential for collisions so that the highway network continue to operate safely and efficiently.   

iTransport Planning specialist designers make use of industry-standard software to design car parks for private, commercial and retail schemes supported by detailed Swept Path Analysis of vehicle movements whether it is a small private car or a low loader carrying a wind turbine.


Servicing and Deliveries Management Plans

The aim is to ensure the efficient operation of the site and its servicing demands on the local highway network.  iTransport Planning specialists provide bespoke Plans to site developers or end-users in all market sectors whether they are retail, leisure, education, energy and renewables or residential.

Accessibility Studies

No matter what the scale of development is, it is essential to undertake an Accessibility Study to identify the ‘baseline conditions’ and provide measures to encourage the use of sustainable travel.


Parking Layouts & Assessments

Providing the right parking layout is an art that requires vision which maximises the available land yet safe and efficient. 


Challenge Everything to create solutions and building environments that truly matter to people

Our UK’s leading Transport Planning experts are on standby to assist you.

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We believe we have unparalleled experience in preparing Feasibility Studies no matter which market sector or type of development it is; 

Transport and Project Feasibility Studies
We believe that we are market leaders in Transport Planning, having pioneered the Early Project Assessment and RAPID approach, partnering with you and harmoniously focusing on your best practical outcome, reducing your costs and giving you control.

We will …

Review the purpose
           Analyse the best pragmatic outcome
                         Plan the strategy
                                   Implement the plan &
                                             Deliver the vision

This unique approach gives you control where you can drive events rather than be driven. We work with you to agree the approach which achieves the optimum balance between vision, purpose and cost. By thinking ahead and developing a proactive strategy, we can help you plan the best way to deliver the right result – a win-win situation;  the best outcome you envisioned at the price you’re expecting.