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Travel Plans

Producing a Travel Plan is an Art;  it is not a paperwork exercise or a set of Measures and Actions that are either not SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Bound) or so cumbersome that it is doomed to fail before it even starts.


Our Travel Plans and Sustainability experts have specific insights into the challenges we all experience when confronted with a travel choice; economic vs environmental.  We need an efficient cost-effective transport system that can support the movement of people and goods in our ever-growing economy, yet ensuring impacts on both the local and global environment are within acceptable bounds.  Out travel plans, whether to the workplace, schools, place of residence or for leisure, provide a means of addressing both of these challenges.


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Travel Plan Survey

 Tailored to your specific needs, our surveys can be as simple as ‘show of hands, questionnaires or online;  all our surveys are fully customisable to your bespoke needs, producing significant cost savings whatever your preferred choice.


Travel Plan Co-Ordinator

The key to the success and implementation of a Travel Plan is to involve Users at potentially all stages. This would be achieved by the allocation for the role of the Travel Plan Coordinator (TPC) would have the overall responsibility for the Travel Plan. 


As part of the on-going management of the TP, the TPC will maintain a dialogue with the Travel Plan Officer (TPO) and monitor emerging best practice information, to provide the most efficient platform for maximising the effectiveness of the TP.

Welcome Packs

Our Specialists will assist you in producing the right Welcome Packs that tip the balance towards sustainable travel. At the very least, new ‘users’ should receive comprehensive information about the options for buses, trains, walking, cycling or car sharing, and if you really want to show it’s a priority send it to them even before they embark on their first journey to work or school then go over the material again at induction meetings, key handover and so on. If possible, offer a package of introductory incentives for sustainable travel. This might, for example, include any of the following:

  • Introductory free tickets for public transport (e.g. 4 weeks)
  • Discounts and/or interest-free loan for an annual season ticket; or
  • Free or discounted towards a bike or bike equipment

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We believe we have unparalleled experience in preparing Travel Plans no matter which market sector or type of development it is; 

Our unique approach to travel plan sets out to combat over-dependency on cars by boosting all the possible alternatives to single occupancy car use, not only reducing car miles but also benefit the environment which results in financial benefits and productivity improvements, saving businesses, residents, students and staff money and time.