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Urban Movement Analysis

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We innovate yet still deliver, exploring new ways of space design that enables us to rigorously analyse, question and use a full variety of technical data, based on which we develop innovative solutions for complex environmental, physical, economic and social problems.


The complexity of a development and its spaces and the range of physical and psychological factors that can be accounted for has no limits;  travel distances and times as well as identifying bottle-necks and obstructions assist our design teams to make better decisions on the number of factors influencing the safe movement of people around a development.  Using state of the art people movement modelling technology we can undertake a wide range of studies across all environments.

The first question to ask when designing for people is: where do people want to walk? 

We begin with a conversation. Our role is to help people identify the important elements that resonate as essential to the character of a place. We do this through a series of exercises to uncover strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and connections, history and nuance.


iTransport Planning Urban Movement Analysis is a unique expertise characterised by a strong desire to improve our streets, public spaces, and transport infrastructure.  Our purpose is to make complex Transport Planning projects simple, bringing cohesion and consistency and provide you with the right solutions to ensure effective delivery.

We have an in-depth understanding of the key issues with the commitment and leadership to make it happen and…….. to doing it differently.

Creating strong proactive solutions between people and their environment, your vision…our solutions

Our UK’s leading Transport Planning experts are on standby to assist you.

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We believe we have unparalleled experience in undertaking Urban Movement Analysis no matter which market sector or type of development it is;